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Hand Built Porcelain

The pieces are hand built from porcelain clay, slip or a combination of the two.
The clay is worked, impressed , glazed and then once-fired in a 16 1/2 hour firing process to cone 6.
This creates a glaze-clay bond that gives the glazed surface outstanding clarity and brilliance.

All porcelain is very thin, lightweight,extremely translucent...and very white ( not grey or cream ). Because of the extreme thinness of the pieces, the larger the piece, the more difficult it is to make .

The glaze refires very shiny at overglaze temperatures from 018 to 015 ... almost like a bone china.
I fire most pieces to cone 015 but I recommend firing reds a bit cooler..( 018 to 016 )

I create a wide range of pieces : from jewelry, flowers ,frameable plaques ,vases, boxes and figures .

I can also create customised pieces to your specifications.

Most pieces are ONE OF A KIND. There will not be another like it . Even pieces created in multiples will have some variation from piece to piece due to the hand-built nature ofthe pieces.

CLICK HERE to view the porcelain


Crystal Magic is a faux crystalline glaze look. It will make Jack Frost patterns on a glazed or glass surface and it can either be left unfired ( beautiful when applied over fired gold or silver) or it can be kiln fired . The firing process requires the CM to be covered with a coat of luster.

The bowl on the right shows Crystal Magic on the outside and inside surface. Turquoise and Carmine luster were applied over the dried CM and fired at Cone 017 ( 1377F/747 C)

For complete directions and to see the many different looks you can get with this product , CLICK HERE

See below for pricing


Marci's Crystal Magic
2 fl.oz. 12.00

Marci's non-toxic
Orange Brush Cleaner
6 fl.oz. 10.00

A terrific cleaner that will soften stiff brushes and thoroughly clean them without leaving them limp and lifeless. It is distilled from orange peels. Can be used to thin paint in place of turp...
best of all, it is TOTALLY non-toxic

Marci's Non-toxic
Dispersing Fluid
4 fl.oz. 8.00

The box above is violet and turquoise luster with dispersing fluid dripped over to marble the colors.

Dispersing Fluid is the best product available for marbling and dispersing lusters. It cuts through lusters quickly but its most important feature is that , unlike lavender oil, alcohol or other solvents, dispersing fluid evaporates very quickly which stops the marbling action and gives you more control over it.
This dispersing fluid is a non-toxic direct commercial replacement for 1-1-1-trichloroethane which is carcenogenic.

Plastic Eye Dropper
for dispersing fluid


Rosey Red, Violet and Dark Blue over Crystal Magic

Green and Turquoise over laser cut resist snowflakes

Orange luster over laser cut butterfly...Mardi Gras background

  • Turquoise Luster

  • Green Luster

  • Dark Blue Luster

  • Orange Luster

  • Violet Luster

  • Rosey Red Luster

  • Mardi Gras Luster

    Mardi Gras is a Mother of Pearl-type luster with a lot of color play .
    For best color, apply in a circular motion.

Dichroic Glass

Dichroic ( Die-CROW-ick ) glass is a fusible glass that can be fired onto porcelain using structure paste, base for gold or I-relief . It takes on a very interesting surface texture with beautiful color.
A package contains approximately 1 square inch of glass.

Email for color availability.

Marci's Blue Masking Fluid
2 fl.oz. 6.50

Blue Mask is used any place you need to resist an area of porcelain. It needs to be peeled off before firing, but, since it is latex based, it is easily removed from all surfaces including bisque, fired chinapaint and fired lusters.

This photo shows the metallic gold paint fired with Crystal Magic over it unfired.

Metallic Gold China Paint

This metallic gold china paint has a beautiful soft sparkle when fired onto a glaze. It makes a spectacular base for my Crystal Magic, either leaving the CM un-fired or applying a dark luster over the CM and firing it.

It can be mixed and painted or sponged on like china paint but it is best grounded on .

Also available in Lilac, Pink and Silver Pearl.

Metallic China Paint

same as gold metallic

You can mix chinapaint in with the Silver Pearl Metallic to color it but make sure it is well-mixed to avoid streaking.

Lilac Purple Metallic

Rosey Pink Metallic

Silver Pearl Metallic

Interference China Paint

Interference colors are an interesting and unique type of paint. In the vial or worked over a light color, the paint looks pearly white with an irridescent flash of color when viewed at an angle.

Used over a dark color, the paints show off the irridescent color to great advantage with brilliant color.

Interference paints are wonderful for effects like butterfly wings or the throat of a hummingbird.









Laser cut paper resist

Wicker Buggy with painted baby roses border

snowman box showing
paint left on

detail of side of box showing
paint wiped back off

Directions: Peel off the laser cut resist. It is already pre-glued.

Apply to the china and press down well. Then pounce chinapaint over it with a sponge. You can also use lusters over it or paint right over it ( but you have to be careful not to get a build- up of paint on the edges of teh sticker.)

Leave in place and fire . The sticker will burn off in the kiln .

( I have other laser cuts available a little further in the catalog that are vinyl... Those can not be fired and must be peeled off before firing )

The stickers burn up to a heavy ash that will not fly around the kiln, but gravity will affect it if the stickers are on a surface where the ash will fall,( like the side of a box) , make sure that the ash will fall on the kiln shelf and not land on another piece or another part of the same piece..

**************** The snowman box :

I applied the snowflake stickers, then pounced the entire box lid with blue china paint...I then used a Q-tip tp wipe out the snowman , making little snowballs...

I wiped out the hat and scarf with a wipe out tool, then painted in the color and the detail . Leave on the stickers and fire.

On the bottom of the box, I pounced blue paint over the half snowflakes ( I overlapped some snowflakes over the top edge onto the sides)

I wiped the paint off of the snowflakes with a paper towel...but enough paint catches in the ridges of the stickers that it leaves a penwork look .

These laser cuts enable you to do a "wiped out" look on china without the work. You simply peel the laser cuts off their backing paper, stick them onto the china ( they are pre-glued) and then pounced over them with china paint and a sponge. You can also paint over them or do lusters.The laser cuts are left on the piece and fired. They will burn up in the kiln , leaving the design resisted on the china. They can be used on glass as well.

I have additional laser cut stickers ( scroll down or click here ) that are designed to be peeled off before firing and are reusable... but the ones in this section are NOT reusable.

Some of these laser cuts come in colors or metallics. Note that the effect , however, is that the design will be the white of the china with the background being the color of paint you chose. It will NOT fire the color of the sticker.( The color is incidental )

$ 1.50

largest one is 1 3/8
(35 mm)

Pink Lace Hearts
$ 1.50

1 3/4 W x 1 1/2 H
(45 x 40 mm)

Silver Lace Hearts
$ 1.50

1 9/16 x 1 7/16
(39mm x38mm)

wedding bell
$ 1.50

2 7/8 x 1 7/8
(73 x 46mm)

Teapot and Cups $ 1.50

teapot 1 5/8 x 1 3/8
(42 x34 mm)

Grapevine Heart $ 2.5=| 0

3 5/8 x 3 1/8
( 94 x 76 mm )

Large Lace Heart $ 2.50

3 5/8 x 3 1/8
( 94 x 76 mm )

Wicker Buggy $ 2.50

2 7/8 x 3 1/16
(72 x 78mm)

Christening Gown $ 2.50

2 7/8 x 3 1/16
(72 x 78mm)

Medallions $ 2.50

1 3/8 square
(35mm )

Doilies $ 2.50

1 3/8 square
(35mm )


Angel $ 1.50 each
there is a left and right facing

2 5/16 x 1 13/16
(57 x 45 mm )

Shells 1 $ 1.50

1 1/2 x 1 5/8
(40 x 38 mm)

Shells 2 $ 1.50

1 1/2 x 1 5/8
(40 x 38 mm)

$ 1.50

1 1/2 x 1 5/8
(40 x 38 mm)

Leaves 1
$ 1.50

Leaves 2
$ 1.50

Laser Cut paper lace strips ... These are all 11 5/8 inches long and 1 5/8 inches wide (298 x 43 mm) and will go completely around a 3 inch box...They are pre-scored to separate into sections which can be used alone or in combination with other sections. The pictures below show the separations in the strips

Verdigris Vine $ 3.00

Arabesque $ 3.00

Mucha $ 3.00

Henry's Lace $ 3.00

Silver Deco Lace $ 3.00

Gold Lace $ 3.00

Scalloped Lace $ 3.00

New Lace $ 3.00

Filligree $ 3.00

Poppies $ 3.00

Twigs $ 3.00

NON-FIRED laser cut resist

These laser cuts work like the paper laser cuts . They are pre-glued, so you peel them off, stick them on the china, then pounce paint over them with a sponge or paint over them or do luster over.

Then ,using a pin or needle tool, pull up a corner and peel off the laser cuts before firing .

You can then stick them down onto wax paper or foil to keep and they can be re-used. The glue is good for about 2 -3 uses and then you can use spray glue or stick glue...

The designs are very delicate and detailed outlines and I have some great subjects.

I don' t have a direct shopping cart link for these . I import them from the UK and Australia and so I never know what I am going to be able to get. I usually have most of the designs in stock but email for availability ..and I can send you an invoice .

click on picture to view larger picture


This butterfly pendant was created using one of the butterfly laser cuts ( below)
I sponged it with black chinapaint and then wiped all the paint back off, which left a black outline like penwork. I fired it and then applied orange luster on the wings, gold on the body and Mother of Pearl on the background.

BUTTERFLY 1(large and small )... $6.50

BUTTERFLY 2( small ) ... $6.50

BUTTERFLY 3... $6.50

BUTTERFLY 4... $6.50

BUTTERFLY 5... $6.50

DRAGONFLIES) ... $6.50

Baby things... $6.50

Wedding $ engagement sayings... $6.50

cats 1... $6.50

cats 2... $6.50

cats 3... $6.50

cats 4... $6.50

cats and dogs... $6.50

dogs... $6.50

horses... $6.50

snowflakes 1... $6.50

snowflakes 2... $6.50

snowflakes 3... $6.50

snowflakes 4... $6.50

snowflakes 5... $6.50

Christmas trees... $6.50

Ideas for MEN

GOLF... $6.50

Fishing and sailboats... $6.50

SOCCER... $6.50

Tools... $6.50

cars... $6.50

planes... $6.50