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Artwork by Marci Blattenberger

      A passion for color has been a part of me for as long as I can remember....delighting in a brand new box of crayons, thrilling to the sight of a maple tree set ablaze by the golden light of the late autumn sun.There is still nothing as exciting to me as the magical play of light on just about anything.

     My other passion is capturing a fleeting expression: a look, movement .... emotion frozen in time .

     My chosen mediums are varied ( watercolor, acrylic, pastel, clay ) but my favorite is working with fired overglaze paints on porcelain . The addition of the intense heat of the kiln into the normal artistic equation of pigment and inspiration can mean disaster ..... or delight.

     It's this uncertainty that fascinates and beckons me.



"Sea-ra" ... fired overglaze paint on porcelain
with structure paste, fired gold , dichroic glass and seed pearls

Boskie (the real brains behind Porcelain
Painters International Online) and me